Neighbor Outreach


Yes, there are many opportunities for students and others to work for community service hours.
Actually, we asked ourselves the same question. When we looked at the data, we found that food clients only attend two or three of our monthly pantry events per year. They use us as a resource only when their food budget runs out or for special occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas.
Yes, more than 50% of our families speak Spanish.
Yes, call and we will arrange for a pickup.
Yes, food drives provide us with a large amount of food each year. The best way to handle a food drive at a school or office is to collect quantities of the same items; for example: only collect peanut butter, soup, canned green beans, canned chili and canned peaches. These are items we use every month.
No. Although medical office experience is a plus, we will train you to assist doctors and nurses and handle paperwork associated with a medical practice.

Donate Today

Many of our neighbors are in need of help right now. Seniors and families with young children are especially vulnerable.

Volunteer Now - We Need You!

We need volunteers for all of our causes. Come help us with this rewarding work! We will train you and fit this work into your schedule.

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